10 Free Non-Script Brush Fonts

Last week I compiled a list of 10 Free Brush Script Fonts, but sometimes you want to use Brush Fonts that aren’t script, and that’s where this list comes in. Here are 10 free fonts you can download right now for free. Make sure to check the licensing information on the download pages to see if it’s free for commercial use before using in products for sale.

10 Free Non-Script Brush Fonts | Mill Creek Creative

Beyond the Mountains
Playlist Caps
Youth Touch
Free Brush Font
Ocean Six

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! What style of fonts would you like to see in my next 10 free fonts series?

Five More Free Customizable Blog Banners

In October of 2017 I posted this blog post with five free blog banners you could customize for your own blog. Now I've created five more free banners that you can customize with your own pictures and edit the text to fit your title and subtitle. I’d love to see how you use the banners! Send me a screenshot of your customized banner in action and tag me on Instagram at @millcreekcreativetn!

Note: Files can be opened in Adobe Photoshop. Fonts used will be linked below each design. Pictures used are licensed for public use through creative commons via one of our favorite free stock photo sites, Pixabay. All fonts used are free to download. 

These works are intended for free use and may not be sold or resold in any form.

City Slicker | Free Real Estate Blog Banner

Free Real Estate Blog Banner | Mill Creek Creative

Font Used: Quicksand
Stock Photo Used: Hong Kong Urban Skyscrapers


Raleigh Writing Club | Free Writing Club Blog Banner

Free Writing Club Blog Banner | Mill Creek Creative

Fonts Used: Badly Stamped + Nixie One
Stock Photo Used: Typewriter Book Notes Paper


Fearlessly Faye | Free Fashion Blog Banner

Free Fashion Blog Banner | Mill Creek Creative

Cooking with Kashin | Free Cooking Blog Banner

Free Cooking Blog Banner | Mill Creek Creative

The Calm Place | Free Yoga Blog Banner

Free Yoga Blog Banner | Mill Creek Creative

Fonts Used: The Historia + Quicksand
Stock Photo Used: Meditation Calm Above the City

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’d love to know what you think in the comments. What kinds of blog banners or other designs would you like to see next?

10 Free Brush Script Fonts

I could spend hours and hours scrolling calligraphy videos on Instagram. If you’re unable to create hand-lettering yourself there are font options out there that can replicate the look. Here are 10 free brush script fonts you can download right now. (Download links below photo).

10 Free Brush Script Fonts | Mill Creek Creative

10 Free Subtle Patterns

One of my favorite places to grab background patterns from is subtlepatterns.com. They have, you guessed it, subtle patterns. These are great patterns to use in backgrounds for flyers and websites when you want something a step up from a solid background color, but you want the content, not the background, to stand out. Check out 10 of my favorite patterns from the sight.


Folk Pattern Black




Cloudy Day


Full Bloom




Tree Bark


Pink Dust


Subtle Grey


Dark Sharp Edges

Download on Subtle Patterns

Download on Subtle Patterns

Ten Free Halloween Themed Fonts

Halloween is almost here! October is my favorite month and I love the whole vibe of Halloween. Check out these 10 free fonts to give your designs a spooky vibe! Check licensing information for commercial use.

Ten Free Halloween Fonts