10 Free Brush Script Fonts

I could spend hours and hours scrolling calligraphy videos on Instagram. If you’re unable to create hand-lettering yourself there are font options out there that can replicate the look. Here are 10 free brush script fonts you can download right now. (Download links below photo).

10 Free Brush Script Fonts | Mill Creek Creative

10 Free Subtle Patterns

One of my favorite places to grab background patterns from is subtlepatterns.com. They have, you guessed it, subtle patterns. These are great patterns to use in backgrounds for flyers and websites when you want something a step up from a solid background color, but you want the content, not the background, to stand out. Check out 10 of my favorite patterns from the sight.


Folk Pattern Black




Cloudy Day


Full Bloom




Tree Bark


Pink Dust


Subtle Grey


Dark Sharp Edges

Download on Subtle Patterns

Download on Subtle Patterns

14 Creative Pumpkin Ideas 2018

Did I mention I love Halloween? Because I love Halloween. Today I want to showcase some creative pumpkin designs! Whether you’re carving or painting, decorated pumpkins are a cool way to show off your creative and festive side!

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

Source:  Womans Day

Source: Womans Day

Source:  Country Living

Which one was your favorite?

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14 Creative Pumpkin Ideas for 2018 | Mill Creek Creative

Ten Free Halloween Themed Fonts

Halloween is almost here! October is my favorite month and I love the whole vibe of Halloween. Check out these 10 free fonts to give your designs a spooky vibe! Check licensing information for commercial use.

Ten Free Halloween Fonts

7 Examples of Creative Packaging Design

Sometimes packaging can make a huge difference in how many people buy a product. A product with unique or eye catching design with a good product is more likely to fly of the shelves than the same product in boring packaging. Below are some examples of products with unique or eye-catching product packing. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!