3 Easy Tips for Building Your Instagram Audience

Check out these easy tips for building up your Instagram account.  


Happy Monday everyone! It's a bit gloomy here in Nashville and it's supposed to storm throughout the day. That means you might be inside a bit more than usual so I wanted to give you some easy tips to start building your Instagram account. These are tips to start employing immediately. 


Tip #1 - Come up with a schedule and be consistent

Everyone collectively groaned when Instagram's new algorithmic timeline took over for the chronological timeline in 2016. Personally, I think it's made it harder than ever for your posts to get noticed by your audience. In March 2018, Instagram announced that it would be playing around with reintroducing chronological posts, but we don't yet know when these changes will take place. So what can we do in the mean time to help get our posts seen? 

The simplest thing you can do right now is to come up with a schedule of posts. Take a look at each day of the week and think of post ideas that are specific to each day. So for my Instagram account (follow me!) I came up with the following schedule: 

Mondays - #MemeMonday. I post marketing and design related memes. 

Tuesdays - Follower Questions. Tuesdays are when I ask my followers different types of questions to start a conversation. I don't necessarily ask marketing questions - but just different types of icebreaker questions like "You come across a magic lamp. What are your three wishes?"

Wednesdays - #WeirdWednesday. I've always had a fascination with the strange and unbelievable. So on Wednesdays I share strange but true facts. This day is about bringing in a personal interest outside of my business niche. 

Thursdays - Product Showcase. On Thursdays I like to showcase products I have for sale in my online shops. You don't want to barrage your customers with sales posts all week long, so that's why I like to pick one day of the week. Of course, if your main focus is online selling, you can absolutely showcase your products throughout the week, however it's best not to make every posts a sales pitch. Try showcasing customers using your products instead of just a straight product photo and details. 

Friday - Design Inspiration. On Fridays, I like to find different themed designs and showcase them on my Instagram page. It's a cool way to offer props to other people in your field and let people know about things that inspire you. 

Saturday - Misc. On Saturdays, I sometimes do a follow back spree, however I tend to let this just be a day where I can post any type of content. 

Sunday - Motivational Quotes. I like to find quotes that I find inspiring and put them in a graphic form that I can share on my page. I often add advice or insight about the quote based on my own life experiences. It can be a great way to motivate people and for them to get to know more about you based on what you write with the quote. 


So that's my basic schedule for posting on Instagram. I'm not afraid to add in extra posts though when I have some new content to share. As long as you have the basic framework, you can always play around with it. The most important thing about this schedule though is that you need to be consistent with your posting. I always try to do at least two posts per day with a max of three.  With two posts a day day you're being active with out being "over-active" so to speak. 


Tip #2 - Interaction is Key

Another way to get on people's radars is to make sure you're interacting frequently. Take a look at some of your most used hashtags. For me, since my business is local, I try to find/use hashtags based on my location. So for this example I'm going to use the hashtag #nashvilletn. What you need to do every day is click on the hashtag and like AND comment on all of the Top Posts (there should be 9) and - if you have the time - some of the recent posts. Do this for 3-5 hashtags every single day. The more you show up, the more people are going to notice. 


Tip #3 - Brand Your Content

When posting original content on your account, you always want to make sure that your brand name/logo/etc is visible on the images. Some people don't always credit original sources when sharing accounts so it's important for people to have a way to identify the original poster. Canva is a great online design tool that can help you come up with an general image template that works for you. For example, when I share some of my original content, I use Canva to make the graphic content look consistent and have my account name on the image. Examples below: 

Copy of Quote (1).png
Pillow Mockup.jpg


There you go! I hope you found these tips useful. What are some tips you have for building an audience on Instagram?