10 Free Sports Themed Fonts

Football season is starting up again, and it’s time for some sports themed designs! Here are some football/sports-themed fonts to use. License information is listed beside each font.

10 Free Sports Themed Fonts | Mill Creek Creative

SF Sports Night (Personal Use Only)

Freshman (100% Free)

Friday Night Lights (Personal Use Only)

High School USA Font (100% Free)

Marcelle (Personal Use Only)

Voyage Fantastique Straight (Personal Use Only)

Fargo Faro (100% Free)

Bosox Semibold (100% Free)

Erbos Draco Monospaced (100% Free)

Vintage College Dept. (Personal Use Only)

10 Free Sports Themed Fonts | Mill Creek Creative

10 Free Non-Script Brush Fonts

Last week I compiled a list of 10 Free Brush Script Fonts, but sometimes you want to use Brush Fonts that aren’t script, and that’s where this list comes in. Here are 10 free fonts you can download right now for free. Make sure to check the licensing information on the download pages to see if it’s free for commercial use before using in products for sale.

10 Free Non-Script Brush Fonts | Mill Creek Creative

Beyond the Mountains
Playlist Caps
Youth Touch
Free Brush Font
Ocean Six

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! What style of fonts would you like to see in my next 10 free fonts series?