Make The Most Out Of Your Instagram Bio

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In a world where we’re being constantly bombarded by content, it’s more important than ever to reach your audience in as few clicks as possible. Studies have shown that the more clicks it takes to do something, the higher the probability the action won’t be completed. lets you make the most of your Instagram bio link by putting all your most important content just one click away. It allows you to have multiple links, forms, lead captures, photo galleries and much more in your bio!

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I had been using LinkTree for awhile and it wasn’t a bad service at all. I could easily add multiple links and it was fine for what I needed it for. Then Taplink reached out to me about trying their service. I’m always a little skeptical when someone reaches out for me try something I’ve never heard of because what if it’s a scam? They were super nice and showed me examples of other accounts using them I immediately noticed a difference in the types of content you could up in you bio link. I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did.

Taplink essentially gives you the power to create a mini website that your followers can see when they click the link in your bio.

First, let’s break down the pricing plans and the features they offer. Then I”m going to show you what I did for mine so you can see it in action.

Plan 1: Basic - Forever Free

What you get on the basic plan:

  • Standard blocks: text, link, indent

  • Text and avatar size adjustment

  • Insert question and answer block

  • Ready-made color themes

  • General statistics

With the basic plan you get, well, the basic features. This is great for someone just starting out their business and doesn’t have a lot of money to spend but wants to spice up their bio. You can link to your other social accounts, your website, and more.

Plan 2: Pro - $24/year

This is where the features start to become really interesting. Let’s see the features and then discuss them:

  • All BASIC features

  • Scheduled display of blocks

  • Statistics of clicks on links

  • Your color theme for your brand

  • Write a message in one click

  • Write a WhatsApp message using a text template

  • Insert social network buttons

  • Insert video blocks and image carousel

  • Insert a map

  • Insert an HTML code

  • Facebook pixel

With the pro plan you can customize the look of your Taplink bio to match the color scheme for your brand. Another neat features is the “scheduled display of blocks.” A block is an item you add (link, pictures, text, etc). This is an incredibly useful feature for flash sales, limited time links, etc. So for example, if you know you’re going to have a special flash sale for a certain weekend, you can add the block and in the settings choose the dates you want the block to appear and then disappear. You can also schedule link for certain days of the week.

With the Pro plan you can also add image slideshows and videos if you want to show off your latest work. You can put a map of your business so people can see where you are easily . You can also enter custom HMTL, which is great for those with more advanced computer knowledge and want to create something custom for your link. Taplink also had “add-ons” you can use to make your life even easier. In the Pro plan you can add your Google analytics to track clicks and view on your link (if you don’t want to use their built-in analytics) and Open Graph protocol.

You can’t go wrong with pro plan, but if you want even more robust features, check out the business plan features.

Plan 3: Business - $54/year

The business plan for Taplink is where the features become more robust and game changing.

Let’s look at the features:

  • All PRO features

  • Creating internal pages

  • Insert countdown timer

  • Hide Taplink logo on page

  • Application forms

  • Notifications to instant messengers

  • Receive payments

  • CRM system

This is why I said Taplink is like creating a mini website just on your Instagram bio. The business plan allows you to add pages with more content. So for instance, in my Taplink bio, which I’ll be showing you shortly, I created two additional pages: Graphic Design Gallery and Website Gallery. On the Graphic Design Gallery I put several image slideshows with my work so that potential customers can see examples of my work without having to scroll through my Instagram feed. On the website gallery I put links to a bunch of different websites I’ve created so they can see the work I’ve done for other web design clients. Adding these internal pages help keep the main page from feeling bogged down by content.

Another great feature in the business plan is the ability to create forms. Now I’m able to create a inquiry form for customers to fill out (it’s the exact same form I use on my website) and it only takes them two clicks to finish. You could also create a job application form, question forms, etc.

A big feature of the business plan is the integrated CRM system and ability take payments. This is HUGE! You can capture leads and collect payments all on your Instagram account! How amazing is that! You can offer items for sale directly in your Instagram and customers won’t have to leave the app. You can set up your normal payment gateway to receive the money. It’s so easy to set up!

Other cool things you can do with the business plan is set up instant messaging on Skype, Whatsapp, Line and more. You can also setup and countdown timer, which is perfect for new launches!

Phew! Now that I’ve told you about all of the features, let’s take a look at Taplink in action.

Here’s the link to mine:

Here’s how I’ve got mine set up: review by Mill Creek Creative

I kept the main page of the bio link pretty simple. Up top I included links that I felt were the most important/most requested. I also included a link for people to message my business page on FB messenger and those links to the Gallery pages I was telling you about earlier. Below the links are that lead form I mentioned.

Now let’s look at the gallery pages I made. You can click the links to them up at the top with the other links.

Graphic Design Gallery: review by Mill Creek Creative

On this page I included a selection of logos and flyers I have created in two slideshows. This gives potential customers a good idea of the work I can do. You can also set links on each photo in the gallery if you want to link to different services, products, etc. When I (finally) get my online store open I’ll probably create shop tab with a gallery and links to different items I’m selling.

Now let’s check out the Web Design gallery:

Taplink review by Mill Creek Creative

On this page I kept things pretty simple by just creating button links to different websites I’ve done over the years. At some point I might go back and add either screenshots of each website or a video walk-through, but for now this is perfect for what I need.

Overall this is a really great service that really helps you make the most of your Instagram bio. Don’t miss out on potential leads because of too many clicks!

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