Photoshop Tutorial: Easily Turn A Panorama Into An Instagram Gallery

Photoshop Tutorial: Easily Turn A Panorama Into An Instagram Gallery | Mill Creek Creative

Hi there friends! Today I’m going to show how to easily turn a panorama shot into multiple images for an Instagram post like this one:

Step One: Open Up Your Image

Open up your panorama image in Photoshop. I’m going to demonstrate on the photo I used for the post above from a trip I took to Utah in 2016.


Step Two: Crop Your Image

The next step is to trim your photo so that the dimensions of each single square image you divide the panorama into will be proportionate. Click on the crop tool. Your ratio should be set to [Square 1:1]. Next to the ratio box you should see two input boxes with a back and forth arrow between them. In the left-hand box, you want to type in the number of square images you want to make out of your full panorama. I want four square images, so I will put the number four in that box. On the right-hand side you should keep the number at one.

The crop box will show you what is being trimmed. Feel free to adjust the image to fit what you want inside the crop box. This is what mine looks like.

Once you’re happy with it, hit the enter button (or click the check mark).


Step Three: Splice Your Image

This step is where you actually divide up your panorama into separate images. Click on “View” then “New Guide Layout.” A pop-up will appear. Make sure Margin is unchecked and then change the number of columns to the number of images you want your image to split into. Like I said earlier, I’m doing four, so I will put “4” in the column entry. Make sure the “Gutter” input is set at “0.” Press “Ok.”

The next thing you’ll do is click and hold on the “Crop” tool until the sidebar appears with additional tools and click on the “Slice” tool.

Once you’ve selected the “Slice” tool, a couple of options will appear at the top. Click on the button that says “Slice From Guides.”

Your panorama is now automatically “cut” into the right number of images.

Annotation 2019-04-21 164151.png

Optional Step: If you’re going to post an original image online we suggest adding your Instagram handle or logo to your image as a watermark. You can see, in the Instagram post I made, that I added the Mill Creek Creative logo in the lower right hand corner of the last picture. Feel free to add your logo or wordmark to your image. I’m not doing it this time because it’s just for demo.

All that’s left now is to save your images! Click on “File,” then “Export” and then “Save For Web.” You’ll get a pop-up menu like this:

Click on “Save” and choose the location where you want your images to save. Your images will automatically be exported to an “Images” folder where you choose to save it. Hit enter when you’re ready and you now have your Instagram-ready gallery!


Wasn’t that easy!? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and I’d love to see the panoramas your post on your Instagram after using this tutorial. Tag us on Instagram at millcreekcreativetn. What tutorials would you like to see next?