5 Social Media Mistakes You Might Be Making

Five Social Media Mistakes You Might Be Making | Mill Creek Creative

I’ve talked a lot about things to do on social media if you’re a small business owner. I haven’t really talked about things you shouldn’t be doing. Today I’m going to tell you three social media mistakes you might be making.

Social Media Mistake #1: Not posting consistently

You’ve probably heard the phrase “fortune favors the bold,” but you may not have heard “social media algorithms do not favor the sporadic.” I guess it’s just not as catchy, huh? It’s a tricky balance sometimes between posting enough to make the social media algorithm overlords happy and not turning away your audience because you’re spamming their feeds. You want to post enough that your audience will interact with you on a daily basis, but you don’t want to sacrifice content quality for post frequency. For best practices:

  • Post no more than three times a day on Facebook, Instagram and LInkedIn*

  • Tweet between 3-10 times per day

  • Pinterest - posting frequency is not as important

*Please note, there are usually some exceptions to these rules, but in general for businesses - these are good guidelines.

Social Media Mistake #2: Not watermarking your original content

Content is king, and when you post good content that people want to share, you want to make sure that people can trace it back to you. You can watermark your content in different ways. If you’re sharing a post from your blog, make sure that a) blog authorship is clear when looking at your post (i.e. your branding is on your page) and b) if you have widgets that allow people to click and share customize the text that is automatically generated to include your brand’s handle. So for example, if you’re on the Forbes blog and you hit “Click to Tweet” a new window will open that allows opens a tweet box that will include “[Name of the Article] via [@forbes] - [link].” By doing this, people are more likely to tag your account when sharing the article online.

Another way to watermark your content is to add your logo and/or social media handles to the images you share**. So for my original content on Instagram, I always include my Instagram account handle in the lower right hand corner. Can somebody edit it out? Probably, but at least the majority of people that see that image and share it will see my account name associated with. On one of my client’s Instagram images I include their logo on the lower left hand corner and their account name in the right hand corner.

Now you don’t have to put it in the right hand corner, but you want to make sure your watermark is visible, without disrupting the image itself.

Social Media Mistake #3: Not engaging with your audience

Social media is about, well, being social. Part of being social is interacting with other people. You don’t want to just post something online and then do nothing with it. Check your accounts regularly for comments and other engagements on your post. If someone leaves you a comment, respond to it! Even if that means just liking their comment. People like to feel heard, and by letting your audience know that you’re listening to your feedback you’ll be likely to get more feedback in the future. Interacting with people can even help grow your social media following! The more you interact with people on your page and other pages, the more people will see your name and the more likely they’ll click and follow you.

Social Media Mistake #4: Not checking your analytics

If you’re like me, you might think numbers and statistics are super boring. But they’re usually pretty helpful. In the case of social media marketing, those stats and numbers on your analytics can help you figure out who your core audience is, where they’re from, when they’re active and so much more. You can learn to tailor your content to fit your audience. You can also uses this information to help your paid social media ads be more effective because you’re able to narrow down your target audiences. Each social media platform comes with its own analytics. Check it out and see what you find. If you’ve never done it before you might be surprised!

Social Media Mistake #5: Overselling

It can be really tempting to advertise your products all the time on social media. You see other companies do it successfully (at least that’s what they want you to see). Your brand’s social media is an extension of your brand’s voice. Think about it like this: you try to sell something to every single person you have a conversation with throughout your day. Are people going to want to be friends with you? No, they won’t. No one will want to interact with you, and the same thing goes for posting online. Posting about your products or sales you’re having is fine every now and then, but don’t make it the main focus of your social media strategy.

Were these helpful? What mistakes have you made or seen others make? Let me know in the comments!