Guest Post: Seven Ways to Fight Your Creative Slump

Note from Jessica, owner of Mill Creek Creative: Hey guys! Today I've got a special guest post from Ashleigh York, owner of Smokes and Sparks Creative.. She's going to talk about seven techniques she uses to get out of a creative slump, and it will help you too! Check out her contact info at the bottom of the post and be sure to follow her socials! 


7 Ways to Fight Your Creative Slump 


As an artist I find that sometimes my creative “juices” just aren’t flowing. Some days I wake up and the inspiration is there. Other days, it feels like I’m dragging my feet. Over the years I’ve developed few a tricks and practices that help get my right-brain back in gear:


Get Outside
One of the best ways for me to clear my head and regain focus is to get my butt outside. Walking around the block or going on a hike helps me get away from my thoughts for a while and breathe easy. I also find walking to be the perfect time to let my mind flow organically and that’s usually when I find the answer to my question or at least a starting point. 


Find Some Green
Succulents. Flowers. Houseplants. Leafy green anything. Surrounding myself with plants while I work has done wonders for my brain. Even more, plants help eliminate carbon dioxide levels and that helps you breathe better and can help reduce stress - sign me up for that!  


Search the Web
I’ll often peruse Tumblr or different graphic design websites and look for photos or landscapes or just pretty things. I have a few designers and pages that I look at regularly because I love their content. Take a look around and find things you’ve never seen before, your brain will thank you. 


Rock Out
Some great tuneage goes a long way. I often jam out while I’m working on a piece, it helps me stay loose and not so stuck in my head. It can be music to make you feel good or music that fits the mood or idea you’re after; music is great at helping you get to a higher creative frequency. 


Take Care of Your Body
This may seem like a no-brainer, but take care of yourself! Make sure you’re staying hydrated and eating regularly. I can’t tell you how many times my mind get affected because I’m not giving my body what it needs to maintain itself. Hydrate. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. 


Get Social
I’ve found that interacting with others in your chosen discipline helps get my brain churning. I love interacting with different artists and viewing their work. Everyday something great is being created by someone, so start a conversation or comment on a post. You’ll likely see something inspiring and starting building a relationship too!  


Go Wild
When in doubt or in frustration, just go for it! Put your brush in your hand and just slather paint somewhere. Put your pen in your hand and write down whatever thoughts you have without fear. Start typing with reckless abandon. Don’t be afraid to just get started. 


This is not an exhaustive list, there are many ways to fight the creative slump. These are some practices that help me, do what you think is best for you. 

Happy creating, my people! 

Ashleigh York is the artist and owner of Smoke & Sparks Creative located in Nashville, TN. She can be found selling her art at local fairs/festivals and shows. Her art can be found in many private collections across the United States. You can find her art online and she is currently accepting commissions. 

IG: @smokeandsparkscreative
FB: Smoke and Sparks Creative