30 Day Social Media Plan

Running out of content ideas for your social media accounts? Try out my 30 day social media plan to help give your channels a boost. 

Feel free to switch around the content and add your own flair to each post. These are just some general ideas to help you out.

Day 1

Introduce yourself! If your audience doesn't know the person behind the company (or the account) share a picture a brief paragraph about who you are. People connect with people, and it's a great way to build trust and relationships with your followers.

Day 2

Post a quote. Is there a quote that inspires you? Share it in graphic form with your audience and let them know why you love it. 

Day 3

Share a helpful tip! If you work in a specific industry or have better than average knowledge about a certain topic, share a quick tip your audience might not know about! 

Day 4

Go Live! Do a live video on Facebook or Instagram and show your audience what you're doing.

Day 6

Cross promote your platform! There will always be some content crossover on your social media channels, but you should always vary your content for each social media site. Use this chance to promote some of the other types of content you post on different channels. For example, if you do a specific type of photo challenge or trend on Instagram, share that on your Facebook and Twitter and let your followers know they can find it on your Instagram on a certain day (or however frequently you post that type of content).

Day 7

Ask a question. Polls are an easy fun way to engage your audience on social media. You can do simply a fun poll or even let your followers help you make a decision when it comes to product design or naming. 

Day 8

Go behind the scenes! Do an guided office tour on video and share it!

Day 9

Offer a flash sale or discount! If you sell products, offer a flash sale or special discount just for your followers. Pick and choose which accounts you want to offer the sale/discount to, or promote it across all channels.

Day 10

Showcase your role model! Do you have a role model that motivates you to be a better business owner or person? Share a picture of your role model and why they mean so much to you. 

Day 11

Showcase themed products! If you sell products, showcase different products within a theme. Since we're quickly approaching summer, maybe show off some of your brightly colored products. Maybe showcase products that will make your home smell good. They don't have to be by the same brand (if you sell products from multiple brands), but find a common connection and group them together). Make sure you have some eye catching photos to show off your products. Here's some tips from PetaPixel about photographing products. 

Day 12

Go on a follow spree! Post a picture captioned follow spree and ask your followers to put links to their social accounts if they want to be followed. 

Day 13

introduce an employee! If you have employees in your business, introduce them to your followers with a picture and a brief paragraph. Better yet, let the employee take over your social for a day and let the audience see the business from their perspective through a series of live videos throughout the day. If you're the sole person at your company, let your followers know a fun fact about you. 

Day 14

Do a giveaway! Giveaways are an easy way to get quick engagement from your followers. Make sure you're giving away something of value that your customers will really want like a selection of products you normally wouldn't find together or a certificate for a service. 

Day 15

Send followers to your website! Do a quick post to encourage followers to go to your website and check out fresh content. 

Day 16

Say thank you. Don't forget to periodically take time to thank your followers for their support. 

Day 17

Do a fill in the blank. Your posts don't just have to be promoting your business. Have some fun too! Write a fill in the blank style question and let your followers answer (just be careful when writing your questions and consider if some may be able to answer inappropriately). For example, we're located in Tennessee, so I might write "You know you're from Tennessee when __________."

Day 18

Share a testimonial! Let others know why your customers value you. 

Day 19

Share a fan photo! Find a photo on social media of a fan with a products or using your service. Just remember to ask permission and properly credit them when re-posting.

Day 20

Recommend another business you work closely with! Do you have someone that prints all your signs? Or mows your business' lawn? Give them props on social media and share their contact information. 

Day 21

Share an old photo! Share a photo from when you first opened your business or hit a big milestone. 

Day 22

Share a news/blog article! Share an interesting article related to your industry.

Day 23

Caption! Ask your followers to caption a photo. Again, just be mindful of what you're posting and if someone can turn it into something inappropriate.

Day 24

Name a customer or follower of the month! Keep track of your most active followers and reward them for engaging with your brand. Offer them a free product or discount to encourage other users to be more active. 

Day 25

Post a quote from an expert! Share a quote from someone who is an expert in your industry or who has been successful in running a business similar to yours.

Day 26

Sneak Peek! Show a teaser image of a new product or services coming soon or start a countdown to when it will be in your store.

Day 27

Share a blog post! If you have your own blog, share a post from it. It could be a more recent post or a link to your most popular article.

Day 28

Post a funny meme or picture! Find a funny (try to stay away from explicit language or content unless this is a part of your business appeal) relating to your industry and post it. 

Day 29

Promote an event in your area! Are you sponsoring an event? Or maybe there's a public event happening near you that you'll be going to? Share it and tell your followers to come see you there!

Day 30

Host a Q&A! Answer fan questions during a certain time period. 


What are some of your ideas for fresh social content? Let me know down in the comments!